We are a privately owned British company founded in 1987 that is slowly but surely replacing all of London’s beautiful old timber windows and doors with expertly fitted accurate replacements!

How do we work?
We advise, design, manufacture, install and care for all of our customers replacement windows and doors. Our business is based on being the best in class and having the highest standards of products and in the people that are all fully employed by the business.

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If you are tempted by low prices, the reality is the product will not be able to do the job you are expecting it to do. And its not just windows or doors you are paying for, as well as needing to be precisely designed and made, it is essential they are expertly fitted. In any event we will match anyone on price, on a like for like basis.

Our manufacturing base is in Lithuania where skills are high but rent and wages are low. We source top-quality, slow-growing, engineered redwood from Latvian forests, which means it’s stable, strong and resilient. We buy glass and paint from the best producers in the world and employ first-class fitters to do a sympathetic and outstanding job in your home.

Ayrton guarantee

Our products have industry leading guaratees. Furthermore the Ayrton aftercare service can react fast to our customers in the event our products need attention.

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