Period replication of existing doors or specific design to suit your space

double glazing, security glass and dual paint finish
Our bespoke, original doors will make a stylish gateway into your home. Your new door will be stronger, sturdier and longer lasting. We’ll create a new, more substantial 65mm door frame and leaf, which means more than 50% extra timber than your previous door. And the finishing touch? Our laminated glass units are toughened as standard and include a three-point locking system.

We know that the expertise and care of installing your door must meet the high levels of its craftsmanship and design. That’s why all our fitters are Ayrton employees. Our head installers have worked with us for many years - they are skilled, attentive, experienced working in period homes, and know how to make sure the fit is perfect with minimum fuss. We think you’ll like working with them as much as we do.


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